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‚ÄčSenior Data Architect/Engineer

Position Summary:

Provide data architecture and engineering technical support for the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture Repository (GNDAR) used by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

Architecture and Plans Directorate (APD) is responsible for the GNDAR, a data repository, which is a worldwide network of sensors, telecommunications, and personnel, that serve to detect, analyze, and report on nuclear and radiological materials.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for building the data repository using Troux Metaverse and Troux Architect with DHS artifacts and producing results in BIRT reports for senior level review. 
  • Provide consulting to senior leadership on furthering their EA priorities to educate, enable, guide, and assess the GNDA repository. 
  • Provide technical consulting in the definition, design, and creation of the Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) database environment.
  • Design custom datamarts using MS SQL Server 2008.
  • Design custom reports using the Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT).
  • Develop custom data manipulation tools in Excel, Access, and SQL Server to implement data processing efficiencies. 

Required Qualifications:

  • BS in Computer Science, or related field

Skills Required:

  • Ability to work with a team in a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to work remotely with minimum daily supervision.
  • Ability to execute on a task plan by a given date.
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or a database platform required.
  • Experience with Troux Architect and Troux Metaverse a plus.
  • Experience with BIRT or equivalent BI tool a plus.
  • Working knowledge of activity modeling and process modeling.
  • Working knowledge of database design and development.
  • Working knowledge of portlet development.

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