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ArchSmart provides IT Consulting Services, Business Area Process and Architecture Modeling, Systems Engineering and Life Cycle (SELC) Development Services, supporting all facets of the Enterprise Architecture Discipline.

ArchSmart's goal is to enable our customers to understand and view their Business clearly through a known and accountable Enterp​rise Architecture Experience and Landscape.

  • Repeatable methodology and processes for cost effective and timely solutions
  • Systems Integration / Interoperability / Information Sharing Consulting Services
  • Enterprise, Business and Systems Architecture design
  • Development and Engineering Analysis
    • Support enhanced customer Information Technology (IT) and Information management (IM)
  • Real Time Business Decision Making through Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
  • Portfolio Management in alignment with a customer's Strategic Business Objectives, Programs or Systems and architecture solutions
  • Products and services that include interoperability and gap analysis
  • Development and modeling of Architectural constructs
  • NIEM Domain Development, Information Exchange Product Documentation (IEPD) Messaging and Documentation Development, Mentoring and Training
  • Data Harmonization and Collaboration
  • DHS Policy, EACOE and EDMO Compliance
  • Enterprise Architecture and Model Development
  • Enterprise Architecture support for DHS and DOD EA Frameworks

    EA Capability Landscape
    We can help you better understand and clarify your Enterprise Architecture Capabilities Landscape.  Every Company, Organization, and/or Government Environment will have their own EA Landscape that differentiates it from others. If you are interested in learning further about the 'How', the 'What', and the 'Why' of Business Driven Enterprise Architecture please contact us.

    Business Driven Enterprise ArchitecturePlease feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you clarify, realize, and enable your unique Enterprise Architecture Capabilities Landscape.

Test and Evaluation Archival Data Repository (TEDAR)

TEDAR is a new technology being developed under a DHS Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase II program which provides a secure repository for Test and Evaluation (T&E) event data, Modeling & Simulation (M&S) data, and other analysis data.   Data owners are able to archive "data collections" consisting of voluminous processed and raw structured and unstructured sensor device data collected by T&E and M&S events and analyses of these data.  These data include copious amounts of (1) raw data collected during research, development, or operational testing and (2) processed data generated from simulation models or other analyses of developmental and existing technologies. New technologies are applied for very high levels of data compression for data storage, search and retrieval, and access.

Authorized users are able to search for and access these data collections and retrieve data relevant to their business needs, such as performing engineering analyses and studies.  This combination of raw and processed data is crucial, for example, to any replay capability to enhance algorithm sensitivity supporting the pre-deployment evaluation of algorithm enhancements based on previously collected data.

TEDAR supports T&E/M&S and analysis data users and provides access to T&E/M&S data sources providing essential support to engineering, acquisition, and operational decision-making. The TEDAR also provides each data collection and analysis organization a standard interface supporting information sharing of T&E/M&S data and lessons learned.

The TEDAR application is being developed under the SBIR program as a general purpose, cloud-hostable system that can support unstructured data management, search, access, and retrieval.  The commercial product being developed under the SBIR program is named "Ki-Source", and is available now to meet agency requirements under a SBIR III, STTR, or RIF initiative, or the  equivalent commercial, non-profit, or academic initiative.  For more details, go to

National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) Factory

ArchSmart has developed the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) Factory, so named by the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Enterprise Data Management Office (EDMO), which automates end to end, the NIEM IEPD production process and is described by DHS as a "force multiplier" in the NIEM IEPD development process. It also supports the development and maintenance of NIEM Domains and related artifacts.   DHS applies NIEM in support of its mission information sharing and interoperability requirements The DHS PM Information Sharing Environment (ISE) and the DoD PM ISE has approved the use of the IEPD Factory tool which provides extreme cost and resource savings in the IEPD development process.

The IEPD Factory:

  • Is the only tool fully supporting the advanced requirements of NIEM 3.0
  • Provides more than 50% cost savings in development resources for IEPD development
  • Tool and its components are readily available for use by any NIEM Data Domain (and fully tested)
  • Keyed to customer value propositions and is consequently unique to each customer's requirements

Business Intelligence Support System

ArchSmart is developing a web-enabled computer system and database for support of capability-based analysis and decision support for program/project portfolio management.  The system implements advanced business intelligence graphical visualization capabilities for support of decision-making and planning for mission-enhancement programs.