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ArchSmart is proud to provide the following benefits to our team members:

  • 401(k) Deferred Compensation Plan (w/matching)
  • Professional Training
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Holidays / Vacation / Leave
  • Health Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance / Short & Long Term Disability
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • Section 529 Plan
  • Flex Spending Account/Health Savings Account
  • Metro SmartBenefits Program
  • Utilization and Employee Referral Bonuses
  • Employee Activities and Services
  • Employee bonuses both extraordinary merit and spot bonuses

    Our technologists and consultants are the foundation of our company. ArchSmart's corporate philosophy is to grow our staff technically and professionally. We are dedicated to providing education, training, and resources to our team members, furthering their technical and professional careers.​​ 

Employee Benefits Summary​

Below is a list of benefit highlights that ArchSmart offers to all our valued employees. ArchSmart has partnered with Insperity, a Professional Employer Organization, to provide employees with this wide array of benefits and services. Full-time active em​ployees are eligible to participate in the benefits program, provided by ArchSmart and administered by Insperity. A top-level summary of each benefit is given below. More detailed information may be provided by ArchSmart's Human Resources department or is contained in ArchSmart's Employee Handbook provided during the employee orientation briefing.

  • Personal Leave: 15 days the first year (accrued) as outlined in the ArchSmart Employee Handbook.
  • Holiday: Ten (10) holidays per year as outlined in the ArchSmart Employee Handbook.
  • Bereavement Leave: Up to five (5) days paid leave upon the death of a family member as outlined in the ArchSmart Employee Handbook.
  • Military Leave/Jury Duty: ArchSmart accommodates civic and military duty as outlined in the ArchSmart Employee Handbook.
  • Medical Care: ArchSmart offers a healthcare Cafeteria Plan that allows employees to choose their own health plans to fit their individual and family needs. Options include a wide range of low-to-high deductibles, co-payments, and in and out of network providers. See plan document for additional details.  Additionally, ArchSmart offers both a Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Accounts.
  • Dental Care: ArchSmart provides dental care at no additional cost to the employee. See Current plan year document for additional details.
  • Vision Care: ArchSmart provides vision care at no additional cost to the employee. See Current plan year document for additional details.
  • Long Term Disability: 6-month waiting period, with a benefit of 60% of weekly earnings until age 62 - or 42 months - whichever occurs first. Currently paid in full by ArchSmart.
  • Short Term Disability: 14-day elimination period for injury or sickness. Benefit is equal to 60% of weekly earnings to a maximum benefit of $2,308 per week. Period of payment is equal to 24 weeks at which time, if necessary, Long Term Disability will become activated. Currently paid in full by ArchSmart.
  • Life Insurance: Life insurance equal to one year's salary paid in full by ArchSmart, as outlined in the ArchSmart Employee Handbook.
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan: Participation in ArchSmart's 401(k) Retirement Plan, with 4% matching after three (3) months of employment as outlined in the ArchSmart Employee Handbook.
  • Pay Periods: ArchSmart's payroll is managed by Insperity and payment is made semi-monthly. Pay days are the 15th and the end of each month. These dates may change if the date falls on a weekend. Employees are paid one (1) week in arrears through the pay day.
  • Education: Online continuing education credits and certification courses are offered by Administaff to ArchSmart employees at no cost to the employee. ArchSmart also provides $1500 Tuition Assistance to employees continuing their education in areas which are job related. Additionally our online training supports credentials such as the Program Management certification (PMI) and CISSP.

Your professional development and earning potential can be recognized rapidly with a company like ArchSmart. The opportunities are endless and there is much reward for people who are motivated possess a strong technical and/or managerial background, manage time efficiently, and cultivate new relationships.

For more ArchSmart Benefits information, please contact our Business Administration Manager at .​